Caring for your vaginal health is an important part of a woman’s general health and well-being. However, perhaps due to taboos, ignorance or other causes, it is not always taken care of properly. Many women find it difficult to consult professionals about measures specifically for their vaginal health.

The vagina requires care, especially preventive care to prevent diseases and problems. And these cares do not attempt anything against the privacy of women. Vaginal health does not have to do with modesty but is a pure health issue.

What should you know to take care of your vaginal health?

In what surrounds female intimacy and its care, these tips can be very useful:

1- Talk about the vagina

The first important measure is to naturalize the care of the vagina and the female intimate area. You have to get used to talking about this with the doctor. The consultation must be done with total naturalness, before any anomaly or change, although it seems minimal and unimportant.

 2- Evolution

The functioning and conditions of the vagina accompany the female life cycle, which undergoes transformations. This is normal and natural, so it should not be cause for concern.

3- Age to start attending to vaginal health

During the whole life of the woman, vaginal health must be taken care of. There is no age for it, so it is important for mothers to talk with their daughters about caregiving. In this way, that girl will grow up without taboos or false modesty.

4- Hygiene of the vagina

Hygiene is a key issue in vaginal health care. It is not necessary to clean the inside of the vagina, because it has its own natural mechanisms of purification.

It is an area with important bacterial proliferation, and these bacteria favor health. If chemical products are used inside the vagina, it will attack the bacterial flora.

The lips and nearby areas on the outside of the vagina are those that should be washed with warm water. Some neutral soap can be used, but no industrial products or chemicals, as well as strong showers. The water pressure can make it reach the interior and this would be harmful.

5- Vaginal odors

Many women are concerned about the smell of vagina and try to improve the situation with intimate deodorants and perfumes. As we have seen, chemicals are not advisable products because they damage the natural micro-bacteriological balance.

If it is necessary to perfume the vaginal area, it is advisable to use a mixture of water with natural essential oil and apply as an aerosol. It is very important to adopt good cleaning habits that prevent the presence of bad odors.

In case the odor becomes acidic or too strong, it is necessary to go to the doctor. There may be a vaginal infection, a frequent problem but easy to solve.

6- Exercises to take care of your vaginal health

As time passes, the vaginal muscles lose elasticity. These muscles have an incidence of sexual relations and at the time of delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to dedicate time to vaginal gymnastics.

The ‘Kegel exercises’ are known, which can be done anywhere. It is about contracting the vaginal muscles, keeping them tight for a few seconds and then relaxing them.

Jade eggs, vaginal cones, and Chinese balls are useful accessories for exercises, as well as the use of vibrators also contributes to muscle elasticity.

7- Lingerie

The suggestion is to use cotton and soft and soft textiles every day. The lace, although beautiful, is a bit rough, so it is good to reserve them only for special occasions. In the case of other fabrics, the area of contact with the vagina should be cotton. This precaution also applies to swimsuits.

8- The condom in sexual relations

Fundamental care of vaginal health is protection during sexual intercourse. In addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancies, condoms prevent contact of the semen with the vagina. The pH differences of both can alter the vaginal balance.

If the condom is not possible, a good measure is to urinate after the relationships. Urine can promote the control of unwanted bacteria. Then, of course, a good washing will be done.

Every woman should consider attention to her vagina on the same level as that of any other part of her body. Vaginal health influences female fullness.


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